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Extreme winter in the United States is unbearably cold with temperatures dropping very low and stretching below Minus 45 F to even Minus 60 F or even less, which could be really nasty to be caught unawares.

Conventional thick wool, cotton or polyester blankets would not suffice to keep yourself warm during such extreme temperatures and you would without doubt need something much more, to ensure that you are kept comfortable throughout the cold nights especially, and there is none other than electric / heated blankets to do so.

The electric / heated blanket was invented by the American inventor Samuel Irwin Russell in the year 1912 and since then has seen tremendous improvements made.

Russell’s was more an under blanket that was heated from below and there is some confusion as to when the over electric heated blanket was introduced and by whom, though some claim it was in the 1930’s, by Samson United Corporation.

Whatever is the fact, the electric / heated blanket is today a very much integrated part of a bedroom in the United States and many other countries like Canada, the United Kingdom etc during the extreme winters to keep the inmates in bed warm and cozy extending to them a good night’s sleep whilst keeping them away from the dangers of the temperatures outside.

The electric / heated blanket is very important when we go to bed especially in extreme winter hence it should be good in bed too and for that we need to select the best we could and look around till we get the best to share the bed with us.

We have listed below some of the best electric / heated blankets available and it would be your prerogative to select what you want this winter, to keep you and your loved ones as warm as you would like to be.

Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket, Queen, Mushroom

Heat up your bed before you get into it and that is what this electric / heated blanket does for you. It would be ready and warm when you want to climb into bed a happy soul as you would know that you are in good company for the night, and one that would keep you warm and cozy to spend the night with in deep slumber.

The 10 heat settings are great and along with it the 10 hour auto power off function which gives you the optimum warmth right through the night and a good night’s sleep.

The Queen and the King size come with two controllers which means your partner in bed can choose what he or she wants and you could choose what warmth you would want, hence it would give personal preference a chance.

It is machine washable hence it is kept clean winter after winter and is just the electric / heated blanket you have been looking for.

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Sunbeam Reversible Sherpa / Mink Heated Throw, Honey

Made of 100% polyester fleece of the optimum quality available and easily machine washable and dryer safe for easy reuse after every winter you would take it out to share your bed with you.

The three hour auto off function and the Elite Style control provides three comfortable settings to get the right warmth that you would be comfortable in.

The 6 feet long power cord gives you the advantage of palceing your bed wherever you would need it to be in the bedroom.

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Sunbeam heated Comfy Toes Foot Warming Pad, Queen/King Size

Made of high quality polyester fiber with the right amount of material within it, to give that evenly spread warmth, when you are under this Queen or King sized electric / heated blanket deep in sleep.

The Primestyle controller with three settings to control the heat gives you the right warmth for a good night’s sleep and sweet dreams galore.

The 12 feet long cord gives you that extra leverage to place your bed wherever you would want to in the bedroom you choose to sleep with your electric / heated blanket.

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Sunbeam Electric Heated Fleece Throw, 50 x 60, Red/Black Plaid

The extra soft fleece fabric features an exclusive wiring system that is safe and is flexible within to give that evenly distributed warmth which would give your body the exact warmth it needs to drop into deep sleep.

It is machine washable and dryer safe hence the hassle of keeping it clean for every winter is a worry you should not be thinking of when you buy this extremely sophisticated electric / heated blanket.

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Biddeford Micro Plush Sherpa Electric Heated Blanket King Sage

This is a money saver and one of the best King size, Sage color electric / heated blankets available, with digitally controlled 10 heat settings for you to get that exact temperature you would want to wrap your body with to slip down into deep slumber and get up fresh and rejuvenated to attend to all those high pressure chores you have lined up the next morning.

The five year warranty accentuates the reason that you should bring this 100% polyester machine washable electric / heated blanket with you to bed.

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