Are you looking for the ideal wall mounted electric fireplace? If that’s the case, this is the article for you! We’ll go through all of your options with you and help you determine which is best for you. In recent years, wall mount fireplaces have grown in popularity due to the several advantages they provide over traditional fireplaces. They may be found in a variety of places, from little home improvement stores to huge merchants. However, there are a few factors to consider before acquiring one, such as size and installation type.

When compared to other types of electric fireplaces, wall mounted electric fireplaces may be positioned on a home’s wall and aid to free up floor space. Wall mounted electric fireplaces, like all other forms of electric fireplaces, do not contain real flames and hence do not require the same level of ventilation as other types of fireplaces. Are simple to set up. Depending on the sort of wall mount fireplace you choose, you may do it yourself or pay someone to assist you. Some fireplaces, for example, come with a foundation that mounts straight to your wall, while others require extra procedures such as installing brackets. It’s also worth noting that not all electric fireplace heaters will fit in every room, so double-check before buying one online.

The ideal electric fireplace for wall mounting is the one that suits your requirements.

Finally, Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces are convenient because they give instant warmth without the need to start a fire or purchase wood logs, making them ideal for settings with limited space, such as tiny houses or apartment complexes. They’re also wonderful options if you want something simple but effective during the winter months while still being able to utilize your existing furniture by simply hanging it over the wall mountable electric fireplace onto any firm surface, such as brick or drywall.

Electric fireplaces installed on the wall combine the sleekness and functionality that we want in today’s residential designs. They offer several benefits and are available in a range of forms, sizes, designs, and materials. Since that has been stated let’s start our top 10 wall mounted fireplace list with:

R.W.FLAME Electric Fireplace 50 inch

R.W.FLAME Electric Fireplace 50 inch Recessed and Wall Mounted, The Thinnest FireplaceLow Noise, Fit for 2 x 4 and 2 x 6 Stud, Remote Control with Timer, Touch Screen, Adjustable Flame Colors and Speed

The R.W. Flame Electric Fireplace is one of the more adaptable types on the market, allowing you to create your own personal ambience in your house. This 50-inch electric fireplace will brighten your house with its elegance and functionality.

This electric fireplace comes in six different sizes, ranging from 30 to 68 inches in length; the average weight of it is around 48.4 lbs. It has a heating capacity of 400 square feet. The R.W.Flame may be tuned to two different heat levels. The low power level is 750 watts, while the high power setting is 1500 watts. This model’s initial version was 6 inches deep. This second-generation model is 3.85 inches deep, making it slimmer and less noticeable. The R.W.Flame may be recessed into your wall. You may even attach it to the wall if you want a less intrusive DIY project. The 3.8-inch-wide screen, whichever choice you pick, keeps your fireplace from seeming bulky. This option has a lot of options for customization. The flame and bed may be changed between 12 different colors which will easily adapt your room aesthetic in any type of event. The R.W.Flame also has five flame brightness settings and five flame speed choices. The settings may be changed via the remote control or the fireplace’s touchscreen. This model’s near-silent functioning is another plus. It has a decibel level of 38, which is softer than a library chat. The flames on this model might be more realistic, in our opinion. In addition, the R.W.Flame should come with logs or stones to replace the ember bed. Auto-shutoff and other safety measures keep the fireplace from overheating. This model comes with a one-year limited guarantee from R.W.Flame, and the company stands behind its goods. There are a variety of colors to choose from, all with neutral tones that will go with any sort of home decor style you may already have in mind. This product as we mentioned earlier includes a remote control, making it simple to toggle the flame effect on or off at any time without having to get up from your favorite seat on the sofa. Customers adore the five-color flame settings and automatic shut-off safety feature on this fireplace, which, like all others, may be used with or without heat.

Key Features:

  • Remote controlled
  • Various sizes
  • 12 different colors
  • Sleek
  • Modern heating technology

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Touchstone 80004

Touchstone 80004 – The Sideline Electric Fireplace – 50 Inch Wide – in Wall Recessed – 5 Flame Settings – Realistic 3 Color Flame – 1500/750 Watt Heater – (Black) – Log & Crystal Hearth Options

We propose the Touchstone 8004 Sideline recessed fireplace if you love the simple, clean aesthetic of recessed fireplaces. The Touchstone 80004 creates a pleasant ambience while heating your space to the desired degree. It will be the focal point of your home’s elegance and glitz once it arrives. It will keep your children and dogs enthralled throughout the entire evening.

Sounds like the perfect choice but let’s dig into the details.

Touchstone’s 80004 electric fireplace is meant to be installed in a recessed in-wall location. This electric fireplace boasts realistic flames and a true fire appearance, creating the pleasant ambience of a traditional fireplace. The 5 flame settings on the Sideline range from a gentle ember light to a fierce inferno. Sideline provides you with the whole package. With the remote control, you can adjust the heat and flame. Designed to utilize one log or crystal, however you may combine the two safely if you wish. It has a blaze that is unrivaled. Friends will be apprehensive about touching the actual flame hidden behind the glass. The Sideline comes with faux-fire logs and crystals, as well as an IR remote that controls flame color and intensity, the heater, and the shut-off timer. The Sideline’s front-facing heating vents allow it to be placed only 8″ beneath a flat-screen TV. The Sideline can be hardwired or hooked into a power supply.

If we talk about the heating aspect of the fireplace, In warmer weather, it may be used with no heat (only flames) otherwise it serves its purpose  to take the chill off a chilly room or cellar in the cold winter. A 6-foot power wire for a 110-120V outlet is included with the Sideline. It’s also hard-wired and ready to go in the wall. Because the machine only uses 12 amps, it may be used on a 15-amp circuit. Depending on the use of additional devices on the same electric circuit, a 20-amp circuit may be required. Over high and low heat settings, the 1,500 watts of electricity produce a maximum heat output of 5,100 BTUs. The front of the fireplace has a heating vent that allows warm air to circulate swiftly. You may choose the amount of heat you want to warm the space using two heat options.You may choose the amount of heat you want to warm the space using two heat options.

When you purchase this fireplace, you will receive a step-by-step instruction booklet that will show you how to unpack and install the entire device and it is very easy according to its buyers.

Key Features:

  • Elegant look
  • Remote controlled
  • 5 flame settings
  • Heat output: 5100 BTU
  • Easy installation

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PuraFlame Alice 50 Inches

PuraFlame Alice 50 Inches Recessed Electric Fireplace, Flush Mounted for 2 X 6 Stud, Log Set & Crystal, 1500W Heater, Black

If you’re searching for a wall-recessed electric fireplace, the PuraFlame Alice is an excellent option. If you don’t already have a fireplace, an electric fireplace insert is a great option. The fireplace provides relaxation and comfort in the home; it is great for the living room, entertainment center, or any other suitable location. Touch screen buttons provide a unique user experience; the light on the touch button will turn off after a few seconds if no action is taken. Alice recesses 6 inches into the wall, giving it a sleek, contemporary aesthetic that works in almost any home. It comes with a variety of aesthetic options, including two types of ember bed materials and a variety of ember bed and flame color options.

For the ember bed, PuraFlame Alice includes both logs and crystals. If you prefer a more classic fireplace look, go for resin logs. The crystals give it a more modern look. Both can be used at the same time. Behind the detachable front glass, the ember bed is easily accessible. As a result, you may alter the contents of the ember bed at any moment. You may pick from 13 different colors for the ember bed.

You have four color possibilities for the flames: all-yellow, all-blue, yellow with a hint of low-bright blue, and yellow with a hint of strong blue. The last two color combinations are the most realistic to most users. They have predominantly yellow flames with some blue ones, like a genuine fireplace. If you desire a modern look, the all-blue setting is ideal. It also complements the crystals, whereas all-yellow complements the logs. All of the settings are attractive and bright enough to be visible even throughout the day. The touch screen at the bottom of the front panel makes it simple to turn on/off the fireplace and change the settings. The accompanying remote control makes controlling the fireplace much easier. It features all of the necessary controls, as well as a tiny LCD screen that displays the current settings.

If we talk about the heating aspect It generates between 750 and 1500 watts of heat, enough to warm a 400 square foot area. The heater is fan-assisted, yet it generates very little noise. The hot air is distributed through a vent on the front panel’s top. Using the remote control or touch screen, you may change the temperature to anywhere between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The heater will automatically switch off when the room reaches a specified temperature. Timer function is also included. The product has a very easy installation.

Key Features:

  • Remote controlled
  • Timer function upto 9 hours
  • Ember bed modifications
  • Overheat protection
  • Great heating
  • Available in 4 sizes

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Xbeauty 36″ Electric Fireplace

Xbeauty 36″ Electric Fireplace in-Wall Recessed and Wall Mounted 1500W Fireplace Heater and Linear Fireplace with Timer/Multicolor Flames/Touch Screen/Remote Control Black

Another of our favorite models was the X-Beauty wall mounted fireplace. This fireplace can be wall-mounted, partially wall-mounted, or recessed. This is one of the most effective electric fireplace wall mounts available. ETL security certification has been granted to the best independent physical switch design.

It includes a back frame design that increases the size of the linear glass display for better viewing and lowers the risk of damage to the glass panel during transit. For a unique ember bed show, it emits a realistic flame effect with Full Spectrum LED colors. The improved 3 traditional flame colors (red, orange, and blue), 5 flame speeds and 5 flame brightness, and 12 ember bed color lighting choices are included in the 12 flame colors. The Ultra High Intensity LED lights with enormous display enable the flame to “burn” high enough, allowing flames to emerge slowly from the “source” and then be drawn to the top of the fireplace, where they flash in the heat. It’s a sleek modern linear electric fireplace with a front air outlet that may be used as a fireplace heater in the living room under the TV (leaving an 8-inch gap) or in your entertainment center and bedroom.

When it comes to heating the fireplace has two heating settings and can heat a space up to 400 square feet. It has a whisper-quiet blower heater, 750W and 1500W heating modes, 5100 BTUS, 12.5AMPS, and a 120v plug-in outlet. This may be used for year-round ambiance with OverHeat Protection or as a decorative fireplace with no heat. Over heat protection allows the fireplace to automatically turn off the heating when it detects the room temperature is higher than a prescribed level.

The fireplace is also equipped with a remote control and touch screen making it easy to manage its functions. A timer function is also available which starts from an hour and goes upto 9 hours so that you don’t have to worry about continuously closing the heater on and off. It contains a separate heating and flame switch, as well as adjustable flame color and speed and a sleep mode option. The fireplace is easy to assemble and also available in various sizes.

Key Features:

  • Various sizes
  • Heat output:5100 BTU
  • overheat protection
  • Timer function
  • Remote controlled and touch screen

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Mystflame 72 inch Electric Fireplace

Mystflame 72 inch Electric Fireplace – Ultra Slim Frame – in Wall Recessed & Wall Mounted – Multicolor Flame – Log & Crystal Hearth – 1500/750 Watt Heater – Remote Control & Touch Screen- Timer

The MYSTFLAME has a more upscale appearance to match its higher price tag. The Mystflame Slim features a modern appearance. It’s a contemporary wall fireplace that may be used for both warmth and decoration. The Mystflame Slim is the thinnest wall-mounted electric fireplace, measuring only 17.72′′ in height. Mystflame’s engineering is centered on a thin design. As previously said, the most handy space-savers are built-in wall electric heaters. Mystflame  Slim is the slimmest of the bunch; it even says so in the name. With the TV above, this saves the most room and may easily function as a fireplace.

This electric fireplace may be wall-mounted or recessed in the wall. The 72-inch fireplace comes with simple installation instructions to assist customers in putting it together on their own. This electric fireplace is created for home heating and useful decorating in your home, and it comes with a high-quality tempered glass panel and a black sheet metal casing.This electric fireplace has faux fire logs and glass crystals that seem like burning coals, giving it the look and feel of a conventional fireplace. The color of the ember bed and flame may be adjusted to suit your mood. When holding a party or a family gathering in your house, beautiful realistic dancing flames create a magnificent mood. The black frame nicely complements the brilliant colors of the flames, creating a dramatic fire show.

Its heating element is one of the most powerful. It can provide a 5,000 BTU/h heating output with 1500W, which is enough to heat rooms up to 450 sq ft. You also have a remote-controlled thermostat that allows you to set any temperature between 62°F and 86°F. It has upper front vents, which aid with heat flow and help to warm your room more effectively. This heater has a heating capacity of 450 square feet.

The large choice of LED light settings complements the interior design features. To produce a genuine flame, you may adjust the intensity. There are three flame colors and three light colors to pick from . The flame may be styled to complement the decor of the space. The fireplace is easy to assemble and install as well.

Key Features:

  • Remote controlled
  • 9 colors
  • Slim design
  • Heat output: 5000 BTU
  • Various LED settings
  • Remote controlled

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Best Choice Products Heat Adjustable Electric Wall Mount & Freestanding Fireplace Heater with Glass

Want a hybrid between free-standing and wall-mounted fireplaces, so that it can take on any of these two rolls that you need it to take? Why don’t you try out this gorgeous 2-in-1 free standing and wall-mounted electric fireplace? You don’t need to choose between these two basic styles when you can have both.

Truly one of the best choices when it comes to electric fireplaces, this unit is clean-running, and since it doesn’t burn anything at all, it releases zero emissions and won’t pollute either your house or the environment. It has two major heat settings that you can adjust according to your preferences: 750 Watts or 1500 Watts. You can also control the on / off switch from anywhere in the room with the convenient remote control that’s included with the unit.

There’s a beautiful layer of tempered glass between you and hearth, and behind that glass there are stunning 3D flames that dance around on realistic coals. It almost looks too good to be real, actually, so if you don’t mind that “too gorgeous for reality” look to the flames, this fireplace may be right up your alley. The shape of the fireplace itself is very modern and sleek, and would fit in perfectly in any clean-looking, modern living room. If you need an electric heater or fireplace and you want one that expresses your 21st century style rather than having an older, more traditional look, this fireplace is probably your best bet. Even more modern than its look, is its energy efficiency. This unit boasts a slew of energy certifications, so you know that you’re saving Mother Earth, as well as saving yourself from an excessive power bill.

Need some convenience in your wall-mounted fireplace? Want to just sit back and relax and watch the glow of the hearth without having to get up and make any adjustments? Luckily, there’s a remote control included with this model, and you can control your fireplace from the comfort of anywhere in the room—sure beats traditional log- and coal-burning fireplaces!

Assembly is easy and minimal for this piece, and all you really need to do is set up the wall-mounting hardware and stand to get it ready for use; any old Philip’s head screwdriver that you have laying around should help you do the job.


  • 35 x 6 x 24.5 inches  in size.
  • About 30 lbs. in weight.
  • Includes remote control.
  • Two heat settings.
  • Modern design.

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Giantex 35″ Xl Large 1500w Adjustable Electric Wall Mount Fireplace Heater

Looking for something with a more muted look that will blend into the room, while still giving it the certain character and sophistication that you would expect from a fireplace, but without all of the mess and inefficiency of one? Need something subtle, but beautiful, to spice up those cold spots in your home, both n terms of temperature and in terms of style? This jet black, wall-mounted artificial electric fireplace may indeed do the trick. What better decoration than one that is extremely functional, too?

Use this new model to heat your bedroom, your living room, dining room, or anywhere in the house that can safely take a space heater, since this easily-transported wall-mounted fireplace doesn’t need a mantle at all. Feel free to put it wherever you would like; it makes a great decoration as well, even in the spaces where you don’t necessarily need heat all the time—you can run it with only the flame visuals if you so choose. Unlike a traditional fireplace, this unit is extremely energy-efficient and won’t be releasing smoke or other pollutants into your environment.

Installation is extremely simple and can be done basically anywhere that can take a wall-mount. Watch the flames dance about in a dazzling display both at home or at your office, if you need to give it that little extra warmth. You can control the intensity of the flames in various settings, as well as the level of heat (two settings: high and low heat). The included remote also makes it effortless to control from the comfort of wherever it is that you decide to sit.

As with any space heater, you may have some concerns about safety, but there’s no need to worry. This wall-mounted electric fireplace has not only turns off automatically if it detects that it has been overheating, it also has a sensor that turns it off if it has tipped over, so you never have to worry about leaving it to its own devices. Fall asleep easily as you watch the relaxing flames of this heater, knowing that your fireplace is “smart” enough to realize when it needs to cut its own power.

Effortlessly improve the ambiance (and the warmth) of any room with this attractive fireplace.


  • 35x22x6 in size.
  • Cost effective and energy-efficient.
  • Remote included.
  • 3 different flame settings.
  • 2 different heat settings.
  • Wall mounting hardware included.

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Moda Flame Houston 50″ Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace in Black

So you’re looking for a fireplace that requires nothing—nothing at all, except a wall. You want something that doesn’t need fuel—no wood, no coal, no gas—and doesn’t even need a mantle, and that will work using the least energy possible, while still being safe, reliable, and stylish. On top of all of that, you want something wide that will add a dramatic warmth to the room and that can become a focal point. Is all of that too much to ask?

No, not at all. Just give the Moda Flame Houston a try. It’s requires no fuel, no vent, is smokeless, flameless (except for the artificial kind), and doesn’t even require a mantle like even most electric fireplaces do. You can simply mount it on your wall using the included wall-mounting hardware and you’re good to go pretty much. It plugs into any regular electrical outlet, so you don’t need to wire anything in any special way. To make everything even better, it’s big: the Moda Flame Houston is 50” wide, so you’ll have plenty to look at as you’re staring at virtual burning embers and soaking in the warmth from this great fireplace.

This unit will look great in just about any room in the house, and you can install it in just about any place you can think of. Enjoy everything that a fireplace has to offer in spaces that you thought you’d never be able to have one. This model can heat a room of up to 400 square feet, and has three heat settings that you can choose from (high, medium, and low), depending on how chilly the night has been. The “flames” are also adjustable on this 1500 Watt electric fireplace. You can control both of these aspects with the included remote control for your convenience (though you will have to supply the batteries for the remote yourself). It includes a timer which will automatically shut the fireplace off for you at a time that you set between 30 minutes and 7 and ½ hours in the future.

This fireplace is clean, efficient, and is vent free. The flames on their own only consume 2.5 Watts per hour. It can get quite hot, though, so make sure that you have at last 3 feet of clearance between it and any wall-mounted TV’s in your house.


  • 8 x 53 x 25 inches in size.
  • 46 lbs in weight.
  • Includes remote.
  • Includes timer.
  • Energy efficient.

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PuraFlame Galena Black 36 inch remote control portable & wall mounted flat panel fireplace heater

Sick of staring at the glowing screen of a flat-screen TV? Would you rather stare deeply into the virtual flames of a stunningly attractive wall-mounted electric fireplace instead? Warm up your winter nights (or any night) with this portable artificial fireplace and space heater. You don’t need a chimney or any fuel, and you don’t even need a mantle. Just set up the mounting brackets just as you would for any other wall-mounted electronic appliance and you’ll be well on your way to introducing the dramatic, traditional ambiance of a fireplace to your modern, 21st-century home. Even if you live in an apartment, you don’t have to forgo the pleasures of sitting by a crackling flame and enjoying the heat of a fireplace.

The PuraFlame Galena is a flat panel fireplace that will fit on any wall that can take mouting hardware and has at least 36” of room. This is a highly energy-efficient fireplace, so you’ll be able to add an elegant look to the room of your choosing while enjoying the heat without worrying about rising energy costs. Take a break by the fire and forget your worries for awhile as you relax after a long day in your cozy bedroom, living room, or even your office.

This fireplace is extremely easy to install, and once you have it mounted, you need only connect it to a regular power outlet to get everything started. There is an on and off switch on the unit, and once it is turned on, you can use the remote to control its various functions. You can control the intensity of the flickering embers, and you can also control how warm you want the heater to become. The 1350 Watt heater is capable of heating up a room of up to 400 square feet in size. There is a thermostat inside the unit that can be set to a certain temperature, and the fireplace will maintain that temperature in the room by turning itself on or off accordingly. To make things even easier and more hands-free, there is an automatic timer included that will turn the fireplace off at any time that you set, between ½ hour to 9 hours in advance.


  • 35.4” L X 4.7” W X 17” H in size.
  • About 40 lbs. in weight.
  • 1350 Watts.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Remote included.
  • Timer included.
  • Thermostat inside to regular temperature.

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ClassicFlame 47II100GRG Felicity 47″ Wall Mounted Electric Infrared Quartz Fireplace, Black Glass Frame

It may not be the most realistic-looking artificial electric fireplace in all of history, but it sure is a gorgeous one. Sometimes things don’t have to look “real” or “traditional” to look truly mesmerizing, and that can certainly be said for the Felicity’s nearly symmetrical row of flickering lights. This fireplace is big, too, and will take up a 47” long space on your wall, giving whichever room you place it in a striking look.

This unit serves as a safe source of constant, flowing heat to keep your house warm during colder days and nights, without the need for any kind of unclean fuel such as wood, gas, ethanol, or coal. Not only is this electric fireplace energy efficient and clean, it is also a feast for the eyes, both with the aesthetic appeal of its shape and black color, and for the beauty of its collection of flames. You can control these flames as well, with several different settings to choose from, according to what intensity you desire, as well as according to what color you would like. The flames can be blue, amber, both blue and amber, or alternatively they can cycle through the colors, or simply be shut off altogether so that you can enjoy the heat alone without the visual stimulation of the flames. You can also set things up so that the heat is turned off, but the flames remain; it’s all up to you.

As far as heat goes, the Felicity does the job, too. It can heat a room of up to 1,000 square feet and is recommended for those spaces that tend to get colder than the rest of the house in spite of central heating. Conveniently, it comes with a thermostat which you can adjust; choose the temperature at which you would like the fireplace to maintain the room. Unlike other kinds of heat sources, this fireplace does not dry out the room, and helps to keep the air in the room at a natural level of humidity.

Assembling this unit is fairly straight-forward and only requires setting up the wall-mounting for the fireplace to hang on. From there, it is just “plug and play,” and the power cord should fit in your normal household electrical socket without any trouble.


  • 46.6 x 10.2 x 23.4 inches in size.
  • About 52.4 lbs in weight.
  • Can heat up a room of up to 1,000 square feet.
  • Includes remote.
  • Easy installation.
  • 5 different flame settings, including different color combinations.

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