Tennyson Electric Fireplace w/ Bookcases

We strive to bring that extra bit of elegance into our homes and create the right ambience either when we are at home relaxing or when we call our friends over to spend a few hours with us.

We are all home and house proud and would do our best to accentuate our inner feelings by showing off how our home looks and towards that we do spend some money to get the right mix of furniture and other accessories in.

It is what we have in our homes that would tell others and our visitors our tastes and likes for what we have and the Tennyson Electric Fireplace – w/Bookcases – Ivory is the right furniture accessory to have at home and it would add up as your Television stand too as it is the right height for it at 42 inches from the ground.

The six shelves for books and other little items is ideal to keep those easily reachable reading materials you need in a hurry and keeps them within your reach.

The Fireplace within the two bookshelves is just elegant to say the least, with efficient LED flickering multicolor lights it gives the real effect of a fireplace but the glass is safe to touch even with little children in the home.

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Connected to a power outlet with a 6 feet long cord it is strong enough to take a weight of 85 pounds whilst the whole unit, the mantelpiece weighs only 61.5 pounds, with no professional installation required.

The heat that emanates from the unit could heat up to 400 square feet of room space all controllable with a multi functional remote control.

The timer, the effects of the logs inside, the flames are all controllable with the remote, with the heater turning off when the required temperature is met.

Once the unit is powered off the flames and logs recede and slowly turn down. The total unit is made of sturdy materials, MDF board, polyresin, metal and high quality class.

It is a lovely piece of furniture to have with you at home whilst it provides that additional heat too to keep you comfortable during the cold season.

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