Best bio/ethanol fireplaces – portable and ventless

What is Bio Ethanol?

Ethanol is Ethyl Alcohol and producing it by biological means, without the use of any materials that would harm the environment, on the alternative helping it, is what makes it Bio Ethanol.

Bio Ethanol is a fuel which could be used for many purposes to light up a fire.

It is Biodegradable and is a clear colorless liquid that burns an environmentally friendly flame.

It is a byproduct in the manufacture of sugar, and can also be sourced from maize, wheat, waste straw, corn, willow, sawdust etc and also by reacting Ethylene with steam, making Bio Ethanol a very eco friendly fuel unlike the fossil fuels we have been burning for decades, and destroying our environment.

Research has been conducted and the possibility is confirmed and a breakthrough is expected in producing Bio Ethanol from municipal waste in commercial quantities, which could bring a threefold solution to the gigantic quantum of waste we produce, the uncontrollable quantities of fossil fuels we use and the protection of our environment.

Ethanol is used in most modern vehicles as a 10% mixture to petrol in the United States without any modifications and does not affect any warranties that may be in place today, hence if Bio Ethanol could be produced in commercial quantities it would be a prized fuel substitute and we could gradually deviate from the use of fossil fuels and leave a cleaner and greener world for the generations to follow.

Bio Ethanol fireplaces

Conventional wood fireplaces which were a trade mark requirement in homes in another era is slowly being relegated to the dustbin of history but a more eco friendly substitute is taking it’s place and that is the Bio Ethanol fireplaces in most modern homes today.

Environmental issues are taking precedence and the relevant authorities are bringing in legislation, which are regularly amended to tighten the use of fossil fuels and are encouraging the use of eco friendly Bio fuels, to reduce our carbon footprints and keeping in line with those requirements, Bio Ethanol could be the answer to our perennial practice of having a fire burning in our homes especially during winter.

The answer to those woes have arrived with attractive Bio Ethanol fireplaces now being offered at very attractive prices, convenient usage, decorative designs, safe use and for a less messy living unlike the previous fireplaces that used wood, which left behind smoke and soot.

Moda Flame Lit Table Top Firepit Bio-Ethanol Fireplace in Stainless Steel

A very attractive and convenient Bio Ethanol Fireplace that you could move to any place either within your home or outside. It burns a flame not more than the clear glass cylindrical safety enclosure that is just 11.5 inches tall.

Whilst it adds to the ambience of your home it would also provide you about 2000 BTU of heat continuously for around two to three hours with one refill of Bio Ethanol.

Very environmentally friendly and having one of these around home could remind you of how much you could do for the environment, if we all could burn eco friendly Bio Ethanol fuel to power those little things around our homes.

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Elite Flame Avon Ventless Table Top Bio Ethanol Fireplace Black

Providing an impressive 3000 BTU of continuous heat, it is resplendent in black finish and would blend well with any type of furniture or interior décor.

At 6.6 lbs or 3.0 kg this Bio Ethanol Fireplace can be moved conveniently to anywhere you would want it to be to make your stay at home that extra bit comfortable from the harsh winter outside.

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Nu-Flame Radia Ethanol Bio Fireplace

A modern Bio Ethanol Fireplace that would accentuate the ambience of your home and also bring that modernistic look to your interior décor.

It is a Fireplace with a difference and just what you have been looking forward to and help to bring an environmental importance to all what you have been enduring to ensure all these years.

Fixed on the wall just where you would want it to be it is a Bio Ethanol Fireplace which you would be proud to display to those visiting your home, it is a beautiful masterpiece of art, to behold.

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Nu- Flame Irradia Noir Portable Indoor/Outdoor Ethanol Fireplace

This tabletop Bio ethanol Fireplace could be moved outside or safely kept inside where the flame is protected with strong tempered glass for optimum safety and is presented in a very attractive stainless steel linear design and weighing just 13 lbs.

It is very safe with children around but still the required safety precautions should be taken to ensure that the safety is enhanced without any unforeseen incidents that could occur mar a perfect day with family and friends.

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Sunnydaze Black El Fuego Ventless Tabletop Bio Ethanol Fireplace

At a convenient 14 inches long, 7.25 inches in width and at 8 inches tall this pleasing Bio Ethanol Fireplace is majestic just to mention in one word, when sits on a corner table wherever it may be in your home.

A Fireplace adds ambience to your home and that is exactly what this very delicately crafted, environmentally friendly Bio Ethanol Fireplace does, it brings a new dimension to what your tastes in interior décor are and would make the ideal center of attraction to sit around with your friends over a quiet evening at home, sipping your favorite drink an in animated conversation.

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