ClassicFlame Windsor oak espresso electric fireplace review

Are you looking for a classic, wooden entertainment center that can hold your large TV and also accommodate your electric fireplace? Nothing really pulls a room together like the glow of your wide-screen TV over the bright flickering of realistic embers in the dead of winter, especially when you’re having company over and are looking to impress. Traditional fireplaces can have a lot of charm, but they can be messy and their mantelpieces can’t always hold the kind of beastly flat screen TV’s that exist nowadays. Update your living room with this TV stand that can also house an efficient, smoke-free electric fireplace.

Now, this TV stand, though it does include space for a fireplace, does not actually include the fireplace insert itself, so plan your purchase accordingly. Luckily, these devices are often not that expensive, and in fact they often pay for themselves in terms of savings from both heating costs and from not having to incur the expenses of a traditional fireplace. In fact, they are often much easier to use than a regular fireplace, usual include remote control functions, and require just about zero clean up. If you already have a best electric fireplace, and are looking for a very  classic style in your mantle, and would like the functionality of having one that can hold your TV as well, this may be the product that you’re looking for. Just be sure that your fireplace insert is 23 inches wide, otherwise it may not fit in the space inside of the TV stand that is meant for the fireplace hearth.

This entertainment center is perfect for bigger TV’s and can carry up to 90 lbs, and hold a TV of up to 50 inches in width. There is plenty of space for your other devices, as well, such as your cable box, your optical disk players, or your video game consoles. The cabinets on the side are both attractive and functional, and you can organize all sorts of media there, such as DVD’s, Blu rays, or even books. Anything that you’d like to keep tidy and out of site would work, since the cabinets have solid wooden doors that close over them. This can be placed either against your wall or in a corner, whatever works for your particular living room configuration.

Assembly is very easy as well, by the way. Just grab a screw driver and the handy instructions and that should be enough to put together your new TV stand without much trouble. Honestly, this is a great TV stand / fireplace mantle to buy if you’re looking for Best something that will give your living room that extra flair in both looks and functionality.


  • – Will hold a TV of up to 50 inches in width.
  • – Will hold about 90 pounds of weight.
  • – Can accommodate many different entertainment devices and help hide the mass of cables.
  • – 46.2 x 29.2 x 35.5 inches in size.
  • – About 102 pounds in weight.
  • – Easy to put together; requires only a Phillip’s head screwdriver.

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