How high should an electric fireplace be from the floor?

Fireplaces have evolved over the years. From being a necessity to a modern-day electric appliance, the fireplace has been an integral part of our homes. Whether basking in front of the fireplace on a crisp winter evening or watching a movie with friends, fireplaces never fail to add nostalgia to these relaxing moments.

Do you know that hundred years ago, peasants used a central fire pit to warm their huts? The smoke exited through a hole in the roof and perfectly managed to keep the entire household warm and cosy. Gradually, fireplaces change their shape, size, and structure. Their mechanism is entirely different from what it was in the medieval era.

So,  how high should an electric fireplace be from the floor?

New buyers have a lot of concerns about electric fireplaces. Usually, they are confused about placing the fireplace in the right place to avoid problems in the future.

The placement of an electric fireplace entirely depends on convenience and preference. First, however, you must remember that a fireplace looks beautiful when you look down at it.

Ideally, a fireplace shouldn’t be so high that you must lift your neck to see the flames!

You can place the traditional square fireplaces at floor level, but it does not have to be too low. It should be at least 6 to 12 inches off the floor. The bedrooms must be 24 to 36 inches off the floor, and the ideal height for the kitchen light is 24 to 36 inches off the floor.

There aren’t any rules for fireplace placement, but these suggested measurements make it look even better visually.

Can I place my electric fireplace below the TV?

Absolutely! You can place the electric fireplace below the TV; it would be even better if you had an entertainment center. There won’t be any heating problems if a TV is placed above the fireplace.

The TV bottom must not be more than 42 inches off the floor for ideal results. The space below could be used for the fireplace. People prefer having liner fireplaces below the TV, but if the shape is traditional, it would require more space.

If you are picky about the interiors, here is a tip: The fireplace length should be equal to or a little bit longer than the length of a TV. An electric fireplace should not be more significant than the Tv but should not be smaller in size. As they generate heat from below or sides, they won’t harm the TV from above.

How much clearance does an electric fireplace need? – Conclusion

Technicians recommend that a fireplace needs three feet away from combustible materials like curtains, furniture, bedding, and paper.

Electric fireplaces don’t produce as much heat as burning wood does. So it is safe, but you must give them enough space. The top and sides of the fireplace must have at least 2 feet of clearance so that you can put these quickly.

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