Can electric fireplaces cause fires?

Once you have an electric fireplace in your home, you would wonder why was I late to the party. Fireplaces are essential for people living in countries with horrible hailstorms and snowfalls. Winters are lovely, but nobody wishes to catch a cold.

Electric fireplaces help in making your home comfortable and cosy. You can have parties, dinners and poker games in your warm living room. Nothing beats the feeling of sitting around a table enjoying snacks and coffee while the flickering flame adds a dazzling touch to the overall ambience.

Is it true can electric fireplaces cause fires?

To answer your question and put an end to nasty rumours, NO! Electric fireplaces cannot cause fires. On the contrary, they are the safest fireplaces in human history.

How would they cause fire when they do not have a real flame. Electric fireplaces have a completely different mechanism. They have a heating system that converts electricity into heating energy.

Are electric fireplaces safe?

Ever owned a traditional fireplace? If you are familiar with gas fireplaces, you will remember how parents never allowed children and pets near them. There was always this paranoia of getting burned, poisonous gas leakages, and explosions.

In comparison, electric fireplaces are the safest alternative. You can finally warm your rooms and lounges without worrying about sudden fires. Electric fireplaces are safe because their flames aren’t real. Artificial pets only create an illusion of fire. Since no gas or fire is involved, electric fireplaces are safe and secure. They use a heating coil to warm the cool air and vent it back into the room.

What are the safety tips for electric fireplaces?

Fireplaces are safe, but you must be cautious and alert. Users should read the manual before turning on the fireplace and not act against the manual. Electric Fireplaces can be used on carpets, but you must check the manual if it allows it.

Don’t ever leave the fireplace on overnight. Winters can be challenging, but quilts and blankers are your best friends once you are off to sleep. Fireplaces should not be left unattended at any time. Do not forget to switch it off. Even though leaving them overnight won’t cause trouble as there isn’t any fear of gas leakage. But you must play safe with electronics. Turn them off when they aren’t in use to avoid any injury or possible damage.

Is an Electric Fireplace Safe for Children? – Conclusion

Electric fireplaces manage to heat the room without using fuel or fire. Therefore, they are safe for children and pets. Now you can buy fireplaces with safe-to-touch glass. Even if you are not around, children might get in contact with the fireplace but won’t be injured as the glass remains cool during the fireplace operation. Fireplaces have sharp corners.

Safety manuals could be great but cannot be safer than your presence. Be vigilant and don’t leave a fireplace unattended, especially if your toddler or pet is around. Despite being safe, we cannot blindly trust these appliances.

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