PuraFlame Western black electric fireplace

This fireplace serves as a fantastic insert for your pre-existing mantel piece. It can replace that older, less efficient traditional fireplace. You can stare at beautiful flames all night and enjoy the heat without running out of fuel or having to deal with tons of smoke. The best part is that the fire looks so realistic that you won’t miss your old fireplace at all; it burns just as a real fire would, with many different colors and shapes to the flame. Even when it’s turned off, the resin logs look like a genuine pile of wood ready to be lit—that’s real craftsmanship. Just about the only thing that this unit is missing in terms of authenticity is the pop of the fire eating through the logs (and the disappearing fuel, of course). The inside walls of the insert also contain a tasteful brick pattern that gives it an expensive look, even though it’s quite reasonably-priced.

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Along with the aesthetic factors, this electric fireplace does really well in the energy-saving department. It uses LED’s to produce the flame, keeping power consumption to a minimum, and you can also choose to place the unit in a heatless mode that will save even more. It can run at a 750-Watt or 1500-Watt mode, according to your preferences, and can heat up a room of up to 400 square feet. The fan on the heater is nice and efficient, running so quietly that you will hardly notice it.

This unit comes with a remote control, which you can use to conveniently turn the fireplace on and off, control the level of the flames, and set the heat to a high or low setting. Before using the remote, make sure that the power switch of the control panel on the unit itself is set to the “on” position. From this control panel, you will also have access to the thermostat.

As far as installation goes, this fireplace will slide into your mantel easily, and after that it is only a matter of plugging it into a power outlet to get it working. The power cord is roughly six feet long, so you’ll have plenty of slack. It’s all very easy, since it requires no real wood, no vent, and more importantly, no clean-up. You really can have all the pleasures of a fireplace, without all of these annoyances.

So if you’re looking for an elegant fireplace insert that can replace your old-fashioned one, and you want to keep things aesthetically-pleasing, efficient, and easy, this would be a good fireplace to consider, especially for the price. Similar electric fireplace inserts can easily cost hundreds of dollars more, so it’s really hard to go wrong here.


  • – 35” X 8.7” X 27” in size.
  • – About 51 pounds in weight.
  • – 120V AC
  • – 750 Watts or 1500 Watts, depending on your settings (which can be controlled by remote).
  • – Includes thermostat.
  • – Includes remote.
  • – Three different flame settings.
  • – Realistic-looking fire.
  • – Attractive brick interior pattern.
  • – 1 year warranty.

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