New LifeSmart Infrared Electric Portable Fireplace Review

Are you looking for a quality infrared electric fireplace that can heat a small room with extreme efficiency? Try the Lifesmart LS-1111HH13 and you’ll get all the heat you need for much cheaper than a traditional fireplace. Now, this model may not work well for large living rooms or for houses with high ceilings, but it will work great if you’re looking to add a small space heater to a cozy room and sit by the fire. It can comfortably accommodate rooms of up to 150 square feet and is a 1500-Watt heater, so pick a room that is fairly compact with a low ceiling and you will get a more concentrated effect. Because of this, it makes a great energy-saving complement to an already-existing heating system. If you choose to place it inside a larger room anyway, you’re probably going to want to curl up close to the “flames” to enjoy the warmth optimally.

Speaking of which, the nice thing about this model besides its efficiency and extremely competitive price, is how great the flames look. The burning embers on these logs actually do look  convincingly real, and you’ll probably enjoy watching them as much as you’ll enjoy soaking up the heat. The mantel on this model is also attractive, with a classic wood finish that is sure to rival the aesthetics of many traditional fireplaces. You’ll be able to save on heating costs in your home while adding some style to one of your spaces.

The fireplace itself is extremely easy to set up. It comes in the expected box packed with Styrofoam, and all you have to do is take it out, remove all the packing materials, and plug it into your nearest standard wall outlet. It works immediately and there is no tiresome assembly required. If you ever change your mind about where you want to keep it and you want to move thus fireplace around, that’s also really simple: It has casters on the bottom which allow it to simply slide across both wooden and carpeted floors.

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Even better, this unit is extremely easy to use thanks to it ample controls. Both on the device itself and on its included remote, you can control the temperature of the heater, the intensity of the flames, and you can also set the timer if you wish for it to turn off automatically at some point in the future. All in all, this is a great choice if you’re searching for a best electric fireplace that will work well in a smaller space and not waste too much energy, while being extremely cost effective and even coming with its own little mantelpiece.


  • – Energy efficient,
  • – Will heat a room of up to 150 square feet.
  • – 30 x 25.5 x 13.5 inches in size.
  • – About 50.1 pounds in weight.
  • – Includes sleep timer.
  • – Includes thermostat with accurate temperature settings.
  • – Includes remote that can set temperature, flames, and timer.
  • – Very realistic flames.

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